Fondant / sugar paste cake


tracy said...

Mummy !! Your cakes are very colourful !!!!!!
yum ! yum !

tracy said...

Mummy nice slideshow !!!!!!

n2inpink said...

my dear princess,

you & di di are my motivator !!

and your comment always makes me headache ! haha!

tracy said...

that is not nice to say !!!!!!
But your cakes are still yummy !!!!!!!!!!!

Marrie said...

Hi Weli,

My goodnes, these are the most beatiful cakes and cupcakes that I've ever seen!!! Hopefully, lil Tracy pick this hobby of urs and she'll do me a CJ7 cupcakes. Ha ha ha..Just joking.

Hope to see u soon and pls send my regards to Tracy.



n2inpink said...

dear marrie,

haha! i've CJ7 cakes & cupcakes !
see the all images...

hope to meet you soon..


Ivy McDonald said...

These are amazing! Wonderful job!

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